Why use this EPD?

This EPD provides an independently verified representation of the environmental impact of the hot dip galvanized product going into your project.

EPD data and information is used to aid environmental assessment of building design and infrastructure projects. Building and construction products with an EPD help users obtain credits for Green Star and Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rated projects across Australasia. 

This EPD complies with the requirements of a valid EPD recognised in the Green Star Design Rating Tool (Green Building Council of Australia) and the IS® Rating Tool (Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia). 

The concentration of zinc in nature without the additional influence of human activities is called “natural background.

Green Star® Points

This EPD complies with requirements under the Green Building Council of Australia’s rating tool, Green Star – Design & As Built v1.3. 

Green Star points for EPDs can be claimed under the Sustainable Products credit when the following criteria are met: 

  • EN 15804 and ISO 14025 compliant 
  • Verified by an independent third party 
  • Cradle-to-gate scope. 

IS Tool®

This EPD complies with requirements under the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s IS® rating scheme. 

Points can be claimed under the IS® rating scheme v1.2 Environmentally labelled products and supply chains credit (Mat-2) when the following criteria are met. 

  • Compliant with ISO 14025 
  • Compliant with EN15804 
  • Verified by a third party. 

EPD results can also be included in the IS v2.0 Materials Calculator used in Material Life Cycle Impact Measurement and Reduction (Rso-6). This EPD meets these requirements. 

The EPD also scores points under ISv2.0: Rso-7 Sustainability Labelled Products and Supply Chains.