What does the “Environmental Product Declaration for Galvanizers Association of Australia: Hot dip galvanizing in Australia” cover?

The EPD provides an industry average environmental impact of hot dip galvanized steel in Australia conforming to the requirements of AS/NZS 4680.

It covers steel products, such as hot-rolled structural steel sections, steel plate, and hollow structural steel sections, that are hot dip galvanized after fabrication by members of the GAA. As such, it represents the industry average for members of the GAA. 

The declared unit for the EPD is 1 year of protection of a 1 m2 coated 8 mm thick steel plate. The scope is ‘cradle-to-gate with options’ covering production, transport to customer, end of life and recycling potential. A guide is provided to adjust the average EPD and apply it to align with specific product. 

The average impact of the hot dip galvanizing process, excluding the steel data, is also listed. This enables users to take EPD data for a specific steel product and calculate a more accurate environmental impact of the galvanized product.