Identification and marking

The type of identification needed for steel articles influences the recommended method of identification.

Permanent identification

For permanent identification, recommended methods are:

  • Heavily embossed markings
  • Punched markings
  • Welded markings


Temporary identification 

Before and after galvanizing: the recommended method is the use of heavily embossed metal tags, generally attached to the article via wire.

Prior to galvanizing: recommended methods are water-based paints or marking pens. 


Identification methods not acceptable:

  • Oil-based paints or marking pens
  • Stickers

Oil-based paints or marking pens and adhesive residue from stickers cannot be fully or effectively removed by the normal pre-treatment performed during the galvanizing process and will generally result in ungalvanized areas on the article where the identification was located.

Figure 36 – Identification Markings