Sydney Desalination Plant

The population in most urban centres of Australia is increasing. Sydney is no different and its population is expected to increase by 30-40% over the next 30 years. The prolonged drought and the predicted changes to the global climate have resulted in diminished rainfall and a subsequent reduction in the level of water in our dams. Read the […]

Building the future: Water sustainability durability economics

Water: it is difficult to think of a more important issue facing Australia. The current situation has society, government and industry focusing on programs incorporating recycling, sustainability and environmental responsibility with a previously unknown urgency. Read the full article

Black Rock water reclamation plant

Water recycling is an increasing part of securing Australia’s future. Sustainability and economics demand only the most environmentally-friendly and durable materials should be considered for such projects. Barwon Water has engineered the Black Rock water reclamation plant to ensure it has the least impact possible on the surrounding environment and this has meant ruling out the use of materials […]