The Australian Garden, RBG Cranbourne, Victoria

The RBGBV is responsible for the administration of two major gardens: 363 hectares of remnant bushland and wetland at Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne; and 38 hectares of heritage landscapes at Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Read the full article

Rebuilding a community: the importance of history to the future

History and the past: most would acknowledge their importance. The importance of the past is that what has been done previously can be seen and its success easily measured. It may seem obvious to look to the past before doing things now or planning for the future and the built environment is no different. Read the full article

The Gravity Discovery Visitor Centre

The GDC is a visually striking, architecturally-designed concept that combines high-tech materials with a highly efficient passive solar design, integrated closely into the environment. The intention was to minimise the impact of the Centre on the environment while providing a state-of-the-art learning experience. Read the full article

Salcey Treetop Walk, Northamptonshire

A spectacular walk on high towers through mature woodland has been created by Forestry Civil Engineering. The structural concept incorporates new innovative techniques, and uses sustainable materials, recycled steel and traceable timber, to provide an engineered environmental harmony. Read the full article

Galvanizing: Durability + Sustainability

Engineers, asset owners and operators have long been at the forefront in demanding that their designs be economical, durable and environmentally responsible. To these important criteria has also recently been added the idea of sustainability. Read the full article

Galvanizing adds sustainable interest to steel

Staging the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games requires a major logistical and facilities management endeavour with the Olympic Coordination Authority of New South Wales Government responsible for developing the new Olympic venues and administering a capital investment budget of about $3.5 billion. Read the full article

Attenborough Nature Reserve

The Visitor Centre at Attenborough Nature Reserve is an exemplary low-energy carbon neutral building which utilises sustainable resources and timber construction. At the same time it is graceful and beautifully detailed Read the full article