No 6 Naptha cracking plant Off-shore industrial zones, Taiwan

Petrochemicals in their various forms are represented in a wide range of industry, domestic and luxury goods such as clothing, containers, decorative products, toys, vehicles, building materials and many other utility items. In addition to traditional plastics and fibre, petrochemicals have become an important component of electronics, aerospace and other high technology industries. Read the full article

Environmental sensitivity and performance

Architectual engineering and landscape designers are great innovators. Innovative designs require materials and protection technologies that are versatile and sensitive to all environments, yet are durable and minimise the need for ongoing maintenance. Read the full article

Galvanized steel on the coast – back to the future

Architects, engineers, specifiers and end users often ask for proof of past performance when they are considering materials for use in specific situations. This is a wise thing – the best indicator of future performance is past performance and the longer the material has been performing in a given environment, then all the better. Read the full article

Daintree Discovery Centre

Atmospheric steel corrosion in Australasia is complex and varied due to Australia’s great size and diverse climatic zones. After-fabrication galvanizing has a wide range of capabilities in service and this Far North Queensland location demanded performance in some of the most extreme conditions possible. Read the full article

Christies Beach High School

Christies Beach High School, a large suburban high school, is located some 25 kilometres south of the Adelaide city centre in South Australia and 3 kilometres from the southern beaches of St Vincent’s Gulf. The average temperature in summer is 30°C with temperatures above 38°C not uncommon. The area experiences strong prevailing winds from the sea both in […]

Channel Island Power Station

The growth of the City of Darwin heralds increasing Australian links with South East Asia and has brought with it the need for development of infrastructure in similar coastal tropical climatic conditions. This South East Asian link has been highlighted by the development of oil and gas resources in the Timor Gap, with significant expansion of this […]

Australians and the coast

Galvanized steel has a long history of use on the Australian coastline. The requirements for the corrosion protection of steel will continue to increase due to the nature of the general “seachange” in society and the fact that most of Australia’s population and industry is located in coastal environments. Read the full article

An added insurance against corrosion

In coastal or chemical environments, or where extra durability and security is required, the practice of hot dip galvanizing steel reinforcement in concrete is now a well-proven safeguard against corrosion. Read the full article